Dear Resident,

It’s an exciting time in Harahan these days. We are currently experiencing positive changes and our city is moving forward. During our May council meeting Mayor Miceli gave us a state of the city address. It was very informative and professional. If anyone would like to view the council meeting please contact city hall and request a copy of the meeting.

The upcoming meeting on June 18 will be an important meeting for the future of Harahan. Please come out and help to preserve the integrity our city. On the agenda, is a vote to allow a politically connected citizen to re-subdivide a 120ft lot into 3 substandard 40ft lots. Many residents have come out and spoke against former Councilman Eric Chatelain’s proposal. Planning and Zoning voted unanimously to approve this re-subdivision in spite of Ordinance #1333 which specifically sets minimum lot frontage at 50 feet. Some residents fear that this was created to set a precedence for the future subdividing of lots on the old Colonial Country Club site.

The new mayor has discovered that in 2013 the council began improperly receiving the benefit of paid health insurance. By law, any increase or decrease in compensation or benefits for the mayor or councilmen must be done by ordinance. Mayor Mosca authorized the city to begin paying health insurance benefits for the council mid 2013 without presenting an ordinance for council vote. Mayor Miceli discontinued this benefit effective June 1, 2015.

Councilmen Baudier and Wheeler will be putting up an ordinance for first reading at the June 18th meeting to reinstate their personal paid health insurance benefits for the council. This amounts to an approximate 47% -65% increase in compensation for the council members during a time that the city is trying to reduce a $1.2 million dollar deficit.

Harahan was incorporated in 1920. For 93 years our city councilmen have been happy to serve the citizens without benefit of city paid health insurance. There does not appear to have been any changes in the duties of the council that would justify such a staggering increase in pay.
Especially in light of the dire economic situation of the city.

If the new mayor is to move our city in a new direction she needs the support of the community. Our city council must know that the citizens are watching their actions and holding them accountable. I encourage each of you to come to a meeting, encourage family and friends to come and get involved. Please contact your councilmen regarding issues you feel are
important. Their contact information can be found below. The next
meeting is Thursday, June 18 and 7:30 p.m. Please come support your mayor and your community and please forward this email to any resident you feel would be interested.


TimBaudier 504-343-7762

Susan Benton 504-415-2497

Dana Huete 504-250-7051

Craig Johnston 504-259-5763

Carrie Wheeler 504-450-5484

Servitude of Drainage

There is also a law that has been around for a long time that says a property owner can be held liable for improvements to the land if he causes his neighbors to flood. It was written about in the news paper and can be downloaded here. (Click here to download the article) This law is the basis of our fight because the area of colonial is a large drainage area for Harahan. Harahan can’t afford to loose this drainage area and this page will show you why.