Recap of October 15, 2015 City Council Meeting

The Legislative Auditors came to the meeting to discuss the findings of their report.

A representative of the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office came to discuss collection of delinquent property taxes and holding tax sales on properties having delinquent taxes due.

Postlethwaite and Netterville, the city auditors gave a report on the city finances.

Nomination of Mr. Mike Mullin for City Attorney was voted down by all councilmen except Benton.

Resolution acknowledging the findings of the Legislative Auditor’s report as accurate and true was voted down by all councilmen except Benton.

Resolution to allow the City of Harahan to enter into an agreement with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s office allowing the Sheriff’s Office to collect delinquent taxes and hold tax sales for the City was voted down by all councilmen except Benton.

Mayor Miceli is of the opinion that the city does not have the resources or manpower to perform the collection of delinquent property taxes and hold tax sales.  She believes that it would be cost prohibitive for the City to perform these duties and felt the best solution was to enter into an agreement with Jefferson Parish allowing them to perform the job. The council was not in agreement and voted against the ordinance.

Resolution to allow the City of Harahan to enter into an agreement with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s office allowing the Sheriff’s Office to collect occupational license taxes was voted down by all councilmen except Benton.

The Mayor felt that it would streamline the process by giving this function to the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s office.  The council was not in agreement.

Ordinances up for vote on the budget  – No councilmen would second the three ordinances which pertained to the City budget and therefore all three ordinances failed.  The council then asked for a special meeting in order to discuss the issues of those ordinances.

Ordinance up for vote to give money to the Police and Fire departments was tabled by Wheeler.


Monthly City Council Meeting this Thursday, October 15 at 7:30 p.m.

Please visit the new and improved City Website. Very soon Council meetings will be able to be viewed on the site. AT&T U-verse subscribers can now access the meetings on Channel 99.

Items on the agenda:
 Vote on Mayor’s nominee for City Attorney, Mr. Mike Mullin
Mr. Mullin served for 19 years as Assistant Parish Attorney for Plaquemines Parish. The Jefferson Parish Attorney, Debra Foshey, recommended him for the position. At the last meeting, Billy Nungesser, during his hectic campaign, took the time to endorse Mr. Mullin praising his work ethic, his integrity and vast experience. In trying to convey the urgency of this matter, the Mayor and Chief Walker have provided the Council with some of the most urgent matters in need of immediate attention by a City Attorney. Yet, the majority of the council has stated that they will not support Mr. Mullin’s nomination. Please contact your council to discuss their position. You can view Mr. Mullin’s resume on the City Website.
• Discussion of the findings of the Legislative Auditor’s Report
Representatives of the Legislative Auditor’s office will be at the meeting to discuss and answer questions about their findings. The report can be viewed on the City Website.
Some of the findings of the report include:
1. Failure of the City to collect delinquent property taxes and hold tax sales.
2. Improper health Insurance Premiums Paid
3. Improper Compensation to City Council Members
4. Unsupported payments to Contractors and employees
5. Inadequate and outdated contracts
6. Missing public records
7. Undocumented employee pay raises
8. Noncompliance with Local Government Budget Act
• Discussion of Jefferson Parish Sheriffs Office assisting the City in recouping delinquent property taxes.
A representative of the Jefferson Parish Sheriffs office will be at the meeting to explain how they can help us come into compliance with the recommendations of the Legislative Auditor’s Report. The mayor has stated to the council that the City does not have the resources or capability to perform these duties and she has recommended that the City enter into an agreement with Jefferson Parish Sheriffs Office in order to come into compliance. The majority of the Council is opposed to this, thus placing the Mayor and the City in yet another precarious position. Please contact your councilmen to discuss their position on this matter.
It should be clear by now that everything this Mayor has tried to do to increase revenue and decrease spending has been thwarted and/or stymied by Ms. Huete, Mr. Johnston, Ms. Wheeler and Mr. Baudier. Several examples:
• Council unsuccessfully tried to delay the institution of the new insurance plan by    about 6 months, which would have cost the city $70,000.
• Council unsuccessfully tried to stop the Mayor from working to recoup FEMA money left unclaimed by the previous administration. Reason stated was that there was not enough money to offset the cost of recouping. The Mayor proceeded and the City should collect well over $150,000 that was previously lost, at very little cost to the City.
• With the support of Ms. Benton and Mr. Johnston the Mayor’s veto held and the Council was unsuccessful in trying to reinstate their paid health insurance benefit, which would have added over $50,000 to the annual budget.
• Currently the Council is working to block the Mayor’s attempts to instate a system to collect delinquent property taxes and hold tax sales.
Please email or call your Councilmen and encourage them to start working for the benefit of the city and the residents who elected them and stop working against our Mayor.
Please attend the meeting Thursday night It is so important for this council to see that this Mayor has the support of the community.
Tim Baudier 504-343-7762
Susan Benton 504-415-2497   Susan.
Dana Huete 504-250-7051
Craig Johnston 504-259-5763
Carrie Wheeler 504-450-5484   Carrie. us


The council chambers were again packed to capacity with concerned citizens, almost all of whom were there to
support the Mayor. Some voiced their concerns regarding the unwillingness of Wheeler, Baudier, Huete and
Johnston to work with the Mayor in her efforts to improve our city.
Resub of Lots on Oak St .
Mr. Chatelain spoke and stated that he has decided to resubdivide the 120 ft lot on Oak St into two sixty-foot lots. Mr. Chatelain now complies with Ordinance 1333 and has helped put an extremely divisive issue behind us.
Legislative Auditor Report
The Mayor outlined some of the most serious issues disclosed in the Legislative Auditor’s report and offered
remedies. She stated that it has taken 20 to 30 years to get the city into its current situation and asked for
patience in turning things around. he report can be viewed on the city web site.
Insurance Ordinance: Mayor’s Veto Upheld
The mayor vetoed this ordinance and the veto was put up for vote. Mr. Baudier asked to pull the ordinance. he
Mayor stated that law dictated a vote had to be taken. Ms. Huete and Ms. Wheeler voted against the Mayor to
uphold the ordinance, Mr. Baudier abstained and Mr. Johnston and Ms. Benton voted to uphold the veto. he
veto was supported and the ordinance failed. hank you to all the citizens who took the time to come to the
meetings to express their concerns and send letters and emails to the Mayor and the Council.
Correction: Ms. Huete stated at the August meeting in support of the insurance ordinance that all municipalities
surrounding Harahan provide paid health insurance to their councilmen. She offered 6 examples, two of which
were Marrero and Gretna. Marrero does not have a city council, nor any governing body, so therefore does not
provide paid insurance to their non-existent council. Gretna has a budget of $33 million annually, over 5 times
that of Harahan. hey do NO pay health insurance for their councilmen. She also failed to mention that none of
those municipalities have a deficit anywhere near that of Harahan. We would hope in the future that Ms. Huete
does some homework before offering misinformation as fact to the public.
Resolution egarding the City Clerk: Passed
Ms. Huete’s frustration at not sitting in the Mayor’s seat was again evident. She put up yet another resolution with the intent to usurp the powers of the Mayor by trying to dictate the job duties and responsibilities of the city
clerk/collector tax. When one section of the resolution was read, the council chambers erupted into raucous
laughter. he Mayor responded to the resolution by stating that not only was it inappropriate, it was illegal. She
read part of the Lawrason Act which prohibited the items called for in the resolution. Even after hearing directly from the Lawrason Act as to the illegality of the resolution, Baudier, Wheeler and Johnston continued to “follow the leader”, Ms. Huete, by voting for the resolution. Ms. Benton voted against the ordinance stating that what the resolution called for was not allowed by law. Ms. Huete responded that resolutions carry no weight of law which is true. his makes the true intent of the resolution obvious. Ms. Huete took advantage of and used a situation to make it appear as though the Mayor was difficult to work with. To accomplish her objective she saw no problem in ignoring the law nor making a matter public that was better left private between the Mayor and the clerk. In her haste to discredit the Mayor she either did not consider or didnot care that in doing so she was exposing this private matter between the city clerk and the Mayor to unnecessary public knowledge and scrutiny.
Vote on Approval of City Attorney: Deferred
Much has been said about this being the third city attorney in 9 months and it being the mayor’s fault. o the
contrary, the blame should be squarely placed on the shoulders of Ms. Huete, her machinations against the mayor and the councilmen, Johnston, Wheeler and Baudier, who always follow her lead.
his vacancy must be addressed. he Mayor and Chief Walker stated many issues that are in need of immediate
legal attention. Mike Mullin is the mayor’s nominee. His credentials are outstanding. He served 19 years as an
assistant Parish Attorney in Plaquemines. He saw Plaquemines Parish through 4 major storms and the BP oil spill. Billy Nungesser came to the meeting and praised Mr. Mullin’s work ethic, knowledge and character. Yet this
council, to date, has refused to approve him. Wheeler, Baudier, and Huete have stated it’s a no for them, yet can
offer no valid support of their positions. Johnston chose to base his decision on what the majority of the council

This is a very serious matter and needs to be resolved immediately. All personal issues between the council and Mayor should be set aside and a decision should be made on the credentials of the nominee. he vote on approval of the city attorney was deferred until the October meeting. Hopefully the dissenting council members will reconsider and do what is best for the city by choosing the candidate found most suitable by the mayor for the position. Mr. Mullin’s resume is available on the city web site. Please contact your councilmen to express your feelings on this and all matters that are of concern to you.
TimBaudier 504-343-7762
Susan Benton 504-415-2497
Dana Huete 504-250-7051
raig Johnston 504-259-5763
arrie Wheeler 504-450-5484

Former Harahan Administration skewered in investigative audit

Delinquent Property Taxes not Address!

Improper Health Insurance Premiums Paid!

Improper Compensation to City Council Members!

Unsupported Payments to Contractors and Employees!

Inadequate and Outdated Contracts!

Missing Public Records!

Undocumented Employee Pay Raises!

Noncompliance with Local Government Budget Act!

Nola and the The Advocate both reported on an audit done by the State of Louisiana’s Legislative Auditor.  Click here to download the full Report.


Recap of August Harahan City Council Meeting

Recap of August Harahan City Council Meeting

PASSED: Huete’s ordinance to allow any councilman to place items on the agenda for regular and special meetings passed 4 to zero. Councilman Benton was absent. Baudier, Huete, Johnston and Wheeler all voted to pass the ordinance.

This ordinance greatly minimizes the transparency of the council, undermines the powers of the mayor and possibly violates the Lawrason Act. After touting repeatedly their desire for transparency, it seems Johnston, Wheeler, Baudier and Huete are only interested in the mayor’s transparency, not their own. The mayor asked the council to defer the vote until the La. Attorney General provided an opinion as to the legality of the ordinance. The council refused to delay. Councilman Benton, absent from the meeting, had a statement read in which she adamantly spoke against this ordinance.

PASSED: Baudier’s ordinance giving the council paid health insurance benefits passed 3 to 1. Baudier, Huete and Wheeler voted yes and Johnston voted no. This provides an approximate 50% increase in compensation.

VETOED: On Friday, August 28, Mayor Miceli vetoed the insurance ordinance. She will need 2 votes from the council to uphold her veto and therefore, override the passage of the ordinance. Some citizens have expressed concern that the 2 votes necessary may not be gotten because Councilman Johnston has said that he would not take the insurance this term if it passes but would consider taking it the next term if he is re-elected. Councilman Benton has stated she would support the Mayor’s veto.

Please contact Councilman Johnston and express your concerns.

The meeting was again well attended by residents. Many spoke passionately and eloquently regarding both issues up for vote. Their voices were not heard and the council ignored their pleas to vote against both ordinances. If ignoring constituents was not enough, Mr. Baudier felt compelled once again to insult and belittle concerned residents for coming to the meeting to express their views on the issues relating to city business and their interests.


TimBaudier 504-343-7762

Susan Benton 504-415-2497

Dana Huete 504-250-7051

Craig Johnston 504-259-5763

Carrie Wheeler 504-450-5484

Recap of the July 16th city council meeting

Following is the recap of the July 16th city council meeting:

Dana Huete put up an ordinance for first reading that will allow any councilman to change the agenda for special meetings 25 hours prior to the meeting.  The law, as it stands now, requires the agenda to be set when the special meeting is called and any change in the agenda must be done by unanimous approval of the council at the meeting.  If this ordinance passes, any controversial or unpopular item can be added to the agenda of a special meeting 25 hours prior to the meeting and brought up for vote.  This change will not allow adequate notice to the public that other items will be addressed at special meetings which are poorly advertised and poorly attended.


Tim Baudier and Carrie Wheeler put up an ordinance for first reading which will give the council paid health insurance.  It will also pay 33% of the policy for the spouse and dependent portion. This represents up to a 50% increase in benefits for the council. The current mayor discovered shortly after taking office that the council had been improperly receiving paid health insurance benefits since 2013 and ended the benefit as of July 2015. Any increase in benefits for the council and mayor can only be done by ordinance.  No such ordinance was in place for the added insurance benefit the council had been receiving.


Eric Chatelain asked to withdraw his ordinance allowing the resubdivision of a 120 foot lot on Oak St into three, substandard 40 foot lots. The current law calls for a minimum of 50 foot frontage for lots in Harahan.  He plans to resubmit the request at a later date. The new City Attorney improperly allowed Dana Huete to withdraw the ordinance.  The request to withdraw should have been voted on by the council.  Many disappointed homeowners, who would be immediately affected by the resubdivision, had attended meetings over the past three months and were hoping for a vote to put the issue to rest.


Or contact your councilmen if you have concerns:


TimBaudier 504-343-7762

Susan Benton 504-415-2497

Dana Huete 504-250-7051

Craig Johnston 504-259-5763

Carrie Wheeler 504-450-5484

Dear Residents,

It’s an exciting time in Harahan these days. We are currently experiencing positive changes and our city is moving forward. During our May council meeting Mayor Miceli gave us a state of the city address. It was very informative and professional. If anyone would like to view the council meeting please contact city hall and request a copy of the meeting.

The upcoming meeting on June 18 will be an important meeting for the future of Harahan. Please come out and help to preserve the integrity our city. On the agenda, is a vote to allow a politically connected citizen to re-subdivide a 120ft lot into 3 substandard 40ft lots. Many residents have come out and spoke against former Councilman Eric Chatelain’s proposal. Planning and Zoning voted unanimously to approve this re-subdivision in spite of Ordinance #1333 which specifically sets minimum lot frontage at 50 feet. Some residents fear that this was created to set a precedence for the future subdividing of lots on the old Colonial Country Club site.

The new mayor has discovered that in 2013 the council began improperly receiving the benefit of paid health insurance. By law, any increase or decrease in compensation or benefits for the mayor or councilmen must be done by ordinance. Mayor Mosca authorized the city to begin paying health insurance benefits for the council mid 2013 without presenting an ordinance for council vote. Mayor Miceli discontinued this benefit effective June 1, 2015.

Councilmen Baudier and Wheeler will be putting up an ordinance for first reading at the June 18th meeting to reinstate their personal paid health insurance benefits for the council. This amounts to an approximate 47% -65% increase in compensation for the council members during a time that the city is trying to reduce a $1.2 million dollar deficit.

Harahan was incorporated in 1920. For 93 years our city councilmen have been happy to serve the citizens without benefit of city paid health insurance. There does not appear to have been any changes in the duties of the council that would justify such a staggering increase in pay.
Especially in light of the dire economic situation of the city.

If the new mayor is to move our city in a new direction she needs the support of the community. Our city council must know that the citizens are watching their actions and holding them accountable. I encourage each of you to come to a meeting, encourage family and friends to come and get involved. Please contact your councilmen regarding issues you feel are
important. Their contact information can be found below. The next
meeting is Thursday, June 18 and 7:30 p.m. Please come support your mayor and your community and please forward this email to any resident you feel would be interested.


TimBaudier 504-343-7762

Susan Benton 504-415-2497

Dana Huete 504-250-7051

Craig Johnston 504-259-5763

Carrie Wheeler 504-450-5484