Welcome to Save Harahan!

Councilmember Cindy Murray endorses Tina Miceli for Mayor of Harahan

Harahan Councilmember Cindy Murray announces her enthusiastic endorsement of Tina Miceli for Mayor of Harahan.

Below is Ms. Murray’s full statement:

The residents of Harahan deserve a Mayor who understands and cares about our community. A Mayor who seeks transparency and accountability from City Hall. And, they need a Mayor who is INDEPENDENT, and who will fight for us by putting people before politics.

As a Councilmember, I called for a state legislative audit in response to the large deficits the City of Harahan had in 2012 and 2013 and to ensure that all laws pertaining to the City of Harahan were being followed properly and in accordance with all rules and laws governing the city.

We finally have some news coming out of City Hall. 

First of all, let’s start with Colonial.  The proposal from John Georges that Mayor Mosca said he had to have in order to NOT veto the re-zoning is finally in.  I guess better extremely late than never.  On Thursday night, Sept. 28th, the Council will vote to approve or deny this proposal.  Please come out to voice your opinion.

Next it seems that the yearly audits are done and NOLA has put of a scathing report on the over spending done by the Mayor.  Apparently, the Mayor has been illegal in his over spendingClick here for the article.

What’s even more alarming, is another article by NOLA that this administration has been over spending for the last three years in a rowClick here for the article.

You can check all of this information out for yourself at the Louisiana State Auditors website.  The State Auditor serves as the watchdog of public spending, overseeing more than 3,500 audits of state and local governments and their related quasi-public enterprises. Conducting independent financial and performance audits of the State’s agencies, colleges, and universities, our auditors find ways to improve government and identify critical issues to protect public resources and tighten government control systems. When necessary, we follow up on allegations of fraud, waste, or abuse.

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9 thoughts on “Welcome to Save Harahan!

  1. I know that there is a lot of wildlife in that area. I have seen herons, egrets, eagles, etc. in the vicinity over the years. Has there been any study done to see what wildlife might live on the property and the effect development may have to it?

  2. Tonight the council may finally vote on the zoning change. I realize that the property will be developed, however, I do not believe we need more commercial and I think our elected officials are selling us down the river. They have not done their due diligence or they are mentally incapable. Either way it is a sad state of affairs for the citizens of Harahan. It is also sad that so many are resigned to allowing this businessman and this council ram this down our throats. It is beyond arrogant for our officials to vote yes for something that the citizens are overwhelmingly against by saying that they, the elected officials, know better what is best for the community the citizens who comprise the community. Sad day in Harahan.

  3. Well our elected officials have failed us. In the face of overwhelming opposition they voted against our wishes. Thank you Eric Chatelain and Cindy Murray for standing with your fellow citizens in voting no. To Lawrence Landry, Dana Huete and Tim Baudier I can only say that even though you think you made the right decision, the hard decision you are wrong, Wrong, wrong, wrong. You made the easy decision and caved to an unethical bully. We need budget reform, accountability and a more current property tax millage not new commercial. You have sold your neighbors out. Just remember in the next election you will be at over a 600 vote deficit from the start and we vow to remind the rest of the voters just how you voted on this issue.

  4. Following is an email I sent to the council members, Tim Baudier, Lawrence Landry and Dana Huete, who vote yes for the rezoning:

    Dear Council Member,

    I sincerely believe you think you did the right thing last night and you know I don’t agree. You did not do what you were elected to do which is represent the wishes of your constituents. We need better management, budget reform, higher millage on property taxes and accountability. Choosing commercial was the easy way out.

    The only good thing to come out of this mess is that it has allowed us to form a cohesive group of concerned citizens. We now have a data base of like minded people. We now have a mission and that is to stop politics as usual in Harahan.

    I will not support you in any future political endeavors. Quite the opposite. In the next election, I, and all the people who have been tirelessly working to stop this commercial will be diligently working to remind as many people as possible how you voted on this issue. Chatelain and Muray now have the full force of our movement behind them in whatever they choose to pursue. At the start of the next election you will be at least 600 votes behind Chatelain and Murray and probably anyone else who chooses to run.

    Nothing personal, just politics. I wish you and your family the best, just not in the political arena.

    Susan Benton

  5. I live at 142 Ravan Ave and I am opposed to re-zoning to commercial property as well as multi family homes. Please feel free to put a sign in my yard and let me know what I can do to help!

  6. I would like to know how much Mr. Georges wants for the middle 40 acres in order to “save” it. Its hard for the citizens to get involved or help find a philanthropist if we don’t know how much money we are talking about. And by the way, isn’t Mr. George’s one of the wealthiest people in Louisiana AND a philanthropist. I wonder what makes him think someone else will want to give away green space. My guess is no one – especially in light of the fact that Mr. Georges has covered his initial investment along with a nice profit and he is still unwilling to pony up for the community. Anyone who believes he intends to save this green space is naïve.

  7. Once again Haraclan full of morons. The development of commercial and mix use residential would increase property values , decrease your taxes and give Harahan a better lifestyle. Look at the old burger king still there and dead. Also harahan is one ugly city , not that river ridge or jefferson have anthing to brag about. Check out allen texas and see how real visionaries use there land with commercial and residential. Sad to see that the short sighted vision of the typical Harahan resident strikes again.

  8. Yes, the citizens were failed again. He did not do what he said he was going to do which was veto the rezoning if they did not provide what he asked for with a certain time frame. As far as I am concerned they never did provide what he asked for and certainly not within the timeframe the he gave them.

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