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Please attend City Council meeting Thursday, October 17th at 7:30 p.m. 

Saturday morning, October 12th at 9:00 am, we will be getting together to go around Harahan and deliver signs.  Our goal is to get as many signs out as we can.  Please come out to 77 Colonial Club Drive at 9:00a.m. to help us.  Thank You for your support!

A group of concerned citizens has been working tirelessly in opposition to commercial development at Colonial.   After a thorough discussion of the many issues and problems raised by this major development we have retained legal counsel to supplement and reinforce our opposition.

At this time we are directing these legal efforts toward bringing to the attention of the Harahan administration and City Council a variety of critical issues that they should be addressing, particularly drainage and sewerage.  We want both the City and the developer to understand that they must strictly adhere to the laws of Harahan and follow existing ordinances and regulations “designed to lessen congestion in the public streets, secure safety from fire, promote health and the general welfare, provide adequate light and air, avoid undue concentration of population, and facilitate adequate transportation, water supply, sewerage, schools, parks, and other public requirements.”   [LA RS 33:4723]

A fund has been established to receive citizen donations toward this effort. Please do your part by contributing a modest $50.00.   

Payable/Mail to:  Macque Street Civic Association, Inc.

180 Macque Dr

Harahan, LA 70123-4715

We need your help!!!    Please do YOUR part to support the time and efforts being put into this effort by so many of your concerned neighbors.

Please sign up for email requests by emailing us at or you can visit our page on facebook.  Also we have signs that you can put up in your yard to show your support.  Just email us your address and we will try and get one out to you.





One thought on “How to Help

  1. I am opposed to the development on the previous Colonial Club Golf course. I am grossly aware that the property is going to be developed. I would rather see the property developed into a single family residential neighborhood than a commercial development. The property has been in a residential neighborhood, maintaining residential zoning, for nearly 90 years. I live directly across the street from the for-mentioned property. If the property is re-zoned C1, the owner, Mr.Georges, will have the opportunity to develop the property to his best financial interest, despite previously speculated business occupations. Although Mr. Georges plans on occupy the back side of the development for his own personal comfort, I feel extremely confident that he would not want to live directly across the street from his development. If he did, he would have already knocked at my door offering to purchase my home. That knock has not occurred, nor will it.This leaves a great deal of un-certainty and speculation for the surrounding community. Property values will drop, along with the disgust of staring at a shopping center every time the front door to my home is opened. I have young children and dread the thought of being invaded by a commercial development.
    To Mr. Georges: Call me , I will gladly sell you my house for fair market value and allow you the pleasure of waking up to a shopping center ever day of your life. I am keen to the fact that I will never get this call. Had Mr. Georges listened to the community, he would have already realized that this development is not something desire by the community. Had a shopping center existed at this location previously, I promise my family, along with others, would have not chosen to live in Harahan. I understand Mr. Georges is a businessman, looking for financial gain, but he should look elsewhere, this is a family community, and I hope it stays that way. Harahan has been “Tree City” for years and does not need to become the new Veterans Highway. I, along with many others, do not need a lucrative financial deal to ruin our deep seeded community way of life. Sincerely, The Bordelon Family @ 7909 Jefferson Hwy.

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